Tadacopy: Free photocopy for students

Tadacopy is a similar form of advertising as the notepads distributed by Freehand Advertising. They provide an advertising service which is actually a convenience for its targets, by providing free photocopy machines to universities, including paper and the necessary machine maintenance. In return for this service advertisers are allowed to run adverts on the back of the paper used in the photocopier which are targeted at relevant students. Students have unlimited access to the photocopiers but perhaps most importantly the service has considered the environmental effects and made their photocopiers as environmentally friendly as possible.

Their website describes, "Tadacopy is a new type of media. Instead of using more paper to print an ad, why not re-use the wasted blank side of copy printouts? We strive to provide relevant and interesting information to college students by reclaiming this wasted space.

Being green is a very important part of Tadacopy and we've built that into every part of our service: The machines we use are new and energy efficient, copies are made on post consumer recycled (process chlorine free) paper, and the ink used in our service is non-petroleum based soy ink. We are also completely carbon neutral - restoring more carbon than we emit - and are a CarbonFree Partner of the Carbon Fund

One of the most important things about this service is the practicality of having advertising on the back of a document. However the advertising is printed at a level that it hardly shows through unless held up to light. On a personal level this would be something that would be very useful to me and would cut the cost of my personal printing for research and sketchbook work required by my course.

Again in terms of expansion I could see this idea working in universities all over the world. Wherever there are university students with photocopy requirements in a country with willing advertisers looking to spend money targeting students, then a system like this can work. Tadacopy is currently in over 70 campuses in Japan, 20 campuses in China and in the United States at New York University, which represents the idea working in two diverse cultures. I think it is time that Tadacopy came to LCC.

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